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The Alphabet Project: Sketchbook Page #25
The Alphabet Project: Sketchbook Page #25
Pen & Ink
8 x10

This project (exercise?) was conceptualized as a low-commitment and frisky exploration of the diversity of letters and how they create narratives with their style.

Two facing pages in my sketchbook are assigned a letter after which a word that begins with that letter is chosen. The word chosen has significance and poignancy for the artist, representing one or many moments and sentiments, thus further impacting the lettering itself and adding to its own narrative.

This project was approached with a dedication to whimsy and the playfulness of lettering. The layout and final product were completed quickly, a visual stream of consciousness, never focused too long on any one form.

The overall project, consisting of twenty six pages, was completed in ten weeks time in early 2019.